Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We so often association Noah's story with the giant ark, the animals marching two by two and the endless days of rain. By the time we get to the end, we are just so thankful that the water is gone that we sometimes miss the real gem of the Noah story--the rainbow and the promise from God that is represents! The Bible tells us that God does not "change His mind" and that He fulfills each and every one of His promises (Numbers 23:19) so the fact that the rainbow is always a reminder of God's promise to never again flood the earth is a wonderful thing! Seeing a rainbow after the rain reminds us that God is a very real and active part of our lives!


Colors of the Rainbow

The Rainbow is a Promise
(Tune: Did you ever see a lassie?)
The rainbow is a promise

A promise, a promise

The rainbow is a promise

A promise from God

He'll never, no never

No never, no never

He'll never flood the earth

That's our promise from God

The Rainbow
One day the sun was shining bright
(hold up right hand)
But clouds came along, & it was dark as night
(move left hand over right hand as if clouds were covering the sun)
The rain began to sprinkle down
(wiggle fingers of both hand while moving them downward)
Soon it was raining all over town.
But when the clouds had passed on by
(move both hands to the right)
A beautiful rainbow stretched across the sky!
(make an arc overhead)


Extra Rainbow Activities—Just for fun!

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